Why I'm starting a newsletter for fintech product builders

Explaining how fintech works so you can build better products.

Global fintech adoption has increased dramatically within the past few years. Venture capital investment in fintech companies has also grown substantially, accompanied by several large acquisitions and IPOs.

Arguably the main factor driving fintech adoption is its superior user experience. Instead of manual and often stressful processes for managing finances, users are delighted by simple experiences that can be accessed through their mobile device or computer.

While there is an enormous amount of opportunity and value to be captured in the space, it’s pretty intimidating for a product builder to start working on a new fintech project. Because the finance industry is so complex and highly regulated, it takes a lot of time and effort to understand even a segment of the financial system enough to confidently make product decisions.

While working on my first fintech startup, a securities administration software, I quickly realized just how little resources there are for explaining niche finance concepts in layman’s terms. I ended up studying for the FINRA Securities Industry Essentials exam (what investment bankers and other finance professionals are required to take) so I could keep up with the jargon used in my user research interviews.

When we don’t fully comprehend the product we’re designing, we err on the side of caution by copying what already exists. It’s difficult to innovate in fintech when we don’t understand the business and regulatory limitations of the financial system.

The goal of this newsletter is to give product builders the background knowledge needed to confidently operate within the fintech industry.

Examples of issues:

  • KYC onboarding for financial services

  • A look at different payments systems and how they affect users

  • Crypto as a finance and economics playground

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