Explaining how fintech works so you can build better products.

The goal of this newsletter is to give product builders the background knowledge needed to confidently operate within the fintech industry.

Examples of issues:

  • KYC onboarding for financial services

  • A look at different payments systems and how they affect users

  • Crypto as a finance and economics playground

If you have any questions or topic recommendations, feel free to connect with me on Twitter or at dylan@dylanjm.com.

About Me

My name is Dylan Macalinao, and I’m a product designer, day trader, and writer living in Dallas.

Right now I’m building an exchange for recurring revenue at Pipe, where I joined as the first product design hire.

Before Pipe, I was a product manager on the Assets and Trading Experience team at OKCoin, a global fiat-to-crypto exchange based in San Francisco. I also worked on projects for OKEx, the largest bitcoin futures trading platform.

Before OKCoin, I led product and design at Abacus, a crypto regtech/fintech startup backed by Y Combinator and Coinbase. During this time, I also helped organize some of the earliest DeFi community events.

I studied data science and organizational behavior at the University of Pennsylvania.